Who The Hell Are We?

A business born out of frustration, a few drunken nights and the overwhelming wish to smoke well priced, but excellent cigars, with a bit of loud rock music thrown in. 

I tried this many years ago - same problem. The UK is a bit of a closed shop, with the few suppliers wanting to protect their routes to market, and more importantly their high profit margins. This is seriously curtailing our ability to partake in Serious Smokin' (No G!). We need change. We need to stick it to the man.

I have held several senior management positions in large corporate organisations; I wanted to do my own thing to see me through early retirement and I wanted a business with a whole lot less rules and regulations. The last thing I should choose is selling cigars in the UK. OMG, rules, regulations and tax like you have never seen. Still we have to fund the fantastic NHS some how. I have a house in Orlando; I love rock music, the louder the better, and I have the best wife and daughters in the world, all involved in the business while I do my day job. I play golf and I smoke cigars and I decided to start a business at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic - how stupid could I get! - Rebellion Cigars was born

I had arranged several factory visits in South America for Spring 2020 to meet potential suppliers and get the blends right. This is by far the best way forward. Then somebody ate a dodgy bat, Covid happened, the world nearly ended, and I had a problem. Fast forward a few months, many late nights, hundreds of emails, whatsApp messages, and never giving up; samples started to arrive and I had to smoke them all - A tough job, but somebody had to do it. In our quest we stumbled upon exceptional blends crafted by individuals who truly possess an unwavering mastery of their craft.  our path was further illuminated by the incredible aid and support extended to us by our partner factory situated in Honduras.  This distinguished establishment now stands as the cornerstone of our illustrious Rebellion Cigar lineup.

What do we stand for:

  • Your right to smoke whatever you want whenever you want, that's why we also sell other brands of cigars. 
  • We are against prejudice of any type. If you have them, please go shop somewhere else. 
  • The environment, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as we can. It costs a bit more but it's worth it. 
  • Relaxing and smoking good cigars.

Shaun & Mandi Wilkinson