Inspired by years of travelling America and Kerr Viajante’s  life passion for the culture of cigars; he found himself happening upon cigar shops and   lounges on his journeys. He enjoyed the company of hundreds of cigar enthusiasts and shop owners, sharing life stories over a cigar. Those journeys and stories furthered his vision of being a brand owner and were the inspiration behind Stogie Road Cigars.

Stogie Road was established in 2019 in a garage in Greenville, SC with the launch of their first cigar the Ediciòn XXXV.  After a successful first year, they introduced 3 more barberpole style cigars to round out their portfolio to 4 core blends.  Kerr’s passion for candela wrapper inspired the first Candela and Connecticut barberpole cigar, The Gringo. Soon to follow was the sister blend, SanDela. Kerr wanted to release a cigar to honour his father and after a year of blending and sampling, he released the BIG TONY, which recently received a 92 rating from Stogie Press.  Stogie Road Cigars are affordable, they tell a story, and will take you on a journey reminiscent of the ones Kerr has taken in order to bring these fantastic blends to you.