PG Cigars

Since I was young I have had a desire for a good "Habano". My passion started ten years ago as a hobby and during my spare time I dedicated myself as much as I could to research everything about Habanos, their leaves, blends, flavours, and elaboration processes.  I started to delight in the world of cigars and realized that I wanted to give my full time to it. So, I decided to create my own cigars with non-traditional presentations and pursue my dream. Many sacrifices were done in the way to establish my new business, from building things from scratch with limited resources to countless hours of hard labour.  A key element in our success was the creation of a great TEAM and the mission of producing world class cigars.  During this process I lost my parents, and in their memory I have branded our cigars with the family name PG Cigars (Pendrey - Guillen).